Why is May Designs making face masks?!

At the heart of May Designs, we believe every day moments can be made lovely, so we strive to make beautiful products for life's normal activities. 

As we have watched the past few weeks and the impact COVID-19 has had on our communities around the world, we couldn't help but wonder what we could do to help. 

With our opportunity to print on-demand and cut & sew products, we knew it was the right moment to jump in, when the CDC made the recommendation for everyone to wear masks when they are out in public. Whether it is medical personnel on the front lines, grocery clerks or a quick run to the store for essentials, everyone should be covering their faces, in a little act of protection - for the safety of everyone around them. 

There are so many people in need of masks, and we are excited to be able to give back one mask for every mask purchased. Yes, we could have made our masks less expensive, so they could cost less for our customers. But as I've continued to see our postal workers, grocery clerks, restaurant staff wearing disposable masks every day, I can't help but wish I could bring them some more comfortable, lovely masks to wear every day. And so, now we can!! With this model, we will be reporting back how many masks have been donated, and we will keep you in the loop on this blog, with any new updates, etc.

Thank you for believing in May Designs through the years, as we have launched new product lines - from our flagship notebooks, to tumblers, leather goods and now - patterned face masks. We couldn't do this without all of you - so thank, thank you. 

All my love,