May Designs is a lifestyle brand that specializes in designing beautiful, customizable products that make your everyday life a little more lovely.

From our flagship product, the May Book, a simple notebook that can be customized to reflect each customer’s style, to our brand new face masks, the thing that makes us come alive is transforming something that was once "blah" into something that's perfectly and uniquely YOU. 

We believe in the power of personality; we strive to provide the world not only with quality products that fuse beautiful design with everyday functionality, but a community that empowers people to live the life they were designed to live.

May Designs was founded by Mica May, and we just celebrated ten years in business. Mica loves to dream big, create beautiful products, and sprinkle magic everywhere she possibly can. Our small business operates our of a design studio in Austin, TX, and all of our products are made and shipped from the USA.

If you are looking for our personalized products, you can access them on our other, main site, www.maydesigns.com. Thank you!!